When someone in a developing country becomes an amputee – they quickly come to realize they have lost much more than a limb. The loss of a limb is just the first loss in a cycle of loss that often includes their job, social standing, self-worth, family, dignity, and finally their humanity. Let's break that cycle!
Most of us don't even think about it. We take thousands of steps every day. It's just a part of life.

But for millions of amputees throughout the developing world, the possibility of taking a single step is just a dream.

We started the sock campaign to help give amputees around the world a second chance at life by providing them with a leg system that is high-quality and costs less than the cell phone that we carry around in our pockets every day.

Please buy a pack or two -- even one pack of socks will be huge help. Together we can change the lives of amputees... one step at a time.

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